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Title: Features and strategies of supervisor professional community as a means of improving the supervision of preservice teachers
Authors: Levine T.H.
Keywords: Clinical supervision;Collaboration;Communities of practice;Professional community;Supervision;Teacher education
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Publisher: Teaching and Teacher Education
Citation: Volume , Issue , Page -
Abstract: This article explores whether features associated with effective professional communities among K-12 teachers are relevant and sufficient for improving the practice of supervisors in teacher education programs. Interview and observational data from nineteen supervisors in one teacher education program illuminate what supervisors want in order to improve their professional practices and how their needs could be met through ongoing collaboration. The article proposes five features of professional communities that can help supervisors improve their work: norms promoting collaboration; trust and familiarity; activities deprivatizing practices; access to logistical information and shared expectations about the role of supervisors; and time for collaboration. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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