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ClinicalPsychology119.pdf.jpg2011Schizotypy and emotional memoryHoshi R.; Scoales M.; Mason O.; Kamboj S.K.
ClinicalPsychology1189.pdf.jpg2011Contextual interference processing during fast categorisations of facial expressionsFruhholz S.; Trautmann-Lengsfeld S.A.; Herrmann M.
ClinicalPsychology1192.pdf.jpg2011The relationship between activating affects, inhibitory affects, and self-compassion in patients with cluster c personality disordersSchanche E.; Stiles T.C.; Mccullough L.; Svartberg M.; Nielsen G.H.
ClinicalPsychology1190.pdf.jpg2011Motor inhibition, reflection impulsivity, and trait impulsivity in pathological skin pickingSnorrason I.; Smari J.; Olafsson R.P.
ClinicalPsychology1193.pdf.jpg2011Clinical skills-related learning goals of senior medical students after performance feedbackChang A.; Chou C.L.; Teherani A.; Hauer K.E.
ClinicalPsychology1191.pdf.jpg2011Positive psychology and brain injury rehabilitationEvans J.J.
ClinicalPsychology1194.pdf.jpg2011Adding voucher-based incentives to community reinforcement approach improves outcomes during treatment for cocaine dependenceGarcia-Fernandez G.; Secades-Villa R.; Garcia-Rodriguez O.; Sanchez-Hervas E.; Fernandez-Hermida J.R.; Higgins S.T.
ClinicalPsychology1199.pdf.jpg2011Neural correlates of emotional face processing in bipolar disorder: An event-related potential studyDegabriele R.; Lagopoulos J.; Malhi G.
ClinicalPsychology1197.pdf.jpg2011Metamemory for faces, names, and common nounsWatier N.N.; Collin C.A.
ClinicalPsychology1198.pdf.jpg2011Psychological study of cancerous patients using complementary and alternative therapies [Étude psychologique du recours aux médecines parallèles en cancérologie]Schraub S.; Eav S.; Schott R.; Marx E.
ClinicalPsychology1196.pdf.jpg2011Ideals and Category TypicalityKim S.; Murphy G.L.
ClinicalPsychology1195.pdf.jpg2011Does self-esteem mediate the relationship between interpersonal problems and symptoms of disordered eating?Lampard A.M.; Byrne S.M.; McLean N.
ClinicalPsychology1185.pdf.jpg2011Let's Inhibit Our Excitement: The Relationships Between Stroop, Behavioral Disinhibition, and the Frontal LobesHeflin L.H.; Laluz V.; Jang J.; Ketelle R.; Miller B.L.; Kramer J.H.
ClinicalPsychology1184.pdf.jpg2011How practice and science are balanced and blended in the NIDA clinical trials network: The bidirectional process in the development of the STAGE-12 protocol as an exampleDonovan D.M.; Daley D.C.; Brigham G.S.; Hodgkins C.C.; Perl H.I.; Floyd A.S.
ClinicalPsychology1183.pdf.jpg2011Effectiveness of past and current critical incident analysis on reflective learning and practice changeVachon B.; Leblanc J.
ClinicalPsychology1188.pdf.jpg2011Similarity on the rebound: Inhibition of similarity assessment leads to an ironic postsuppressional reboundGeeraert N.; van Boven L.; Yzerbyt V.Y.
ClinicalPsychology1187.pdf.jpg2011Factors that might undermine the validity of patient and multi-source feedbackArcher J.C.; Mcavoy P.
ClinicalPsychology1186.pdf.jpg2011Age-Related Associative Deficits Are Absent With NonwordsBadham S.P.; Maylor E.A.
ClinicalPsychology1181.pdf.jpg2011Neurobiological and Memory Models of Risky Decision Making in Adolescents Versus Young AdultsReyna V.F.; Estrada S.M.; DeMarinis J.A.; Myers R.M.; Stanisz J.M.; Mills B.A.
ClinicalPsychology1178.pdf.jpg2011Implicit Measures of Early-Life Family Conditions: Relationships to Psychosocial Characteristics and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in AdulthoodChan M.; Chen E.; Hibbert A.S.; Wong J.H.K.; Miller G.E.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 631