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Title: Preparing pre-service teachers to integrate technology in education: A synthesis of qualitative evidence
Authors: Tondeur J.
van Braak J.
Sang G.
Voogt J.
Fisser P.
Ottenbreit-Leftwich A.
Keywords: Educational technology;Pre-service training;Synthesis of qualitative evidence;Systematic review;Teacher education
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Publisher: Computers and Education
Citation: Volume , Issue , Page -
Abstract: This study reviewed qualitative studies that focused on strategies to prepare pre-service teachers to integrate technology into their lessons. A meta-ethnography approach was utilized to locate, critically appraise, and synthesize the results of these studies. Based on an extensive search in the Web of Science, 19 articles were included in this synthesis. The results were divided into two parts: (1) key themes explicitly related to the preparation of pre-service teachers (e.g., using teacher educators as role models, learning technology by design, scaffolding authentic technology experiences), and (2) conditions necessary at the institutional level (e.g., technology planning and leadership, co-operation within and between institutions, training staff). To present how these key themes related to each other, an overarching model was developed. By interpreting the results of the review, recommendations were discussed for pre-service teacher technology training and future research. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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