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Title: A 'mutually agreed statement of learning' in general practice trainer appraisal: The place of peer appraisal by experienced course members
Authors: Main P.
Curtis A.
Pitts J.
Irish B.
Keywords: Appraisal;Educational development;GP trainer;Trainer courses
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Education for Primary Care
Citation: Volume 20, Issue 2, Page 104-110
Abstract: This study explored participants' views of an approach based on an appraisal model within formal trainer courses as a means of focusing trainers' continuing professional development as educators - the mutually agreed statement of learning (MASL). It used a qualitative approach of retrospective semi-structured interviews. We have previously shown that this approach was successful, acceptable, and well received by the majority of trainers. The use of peer-led MASLs (i.e. Co-MASL) in personal development planning was universally more popular than facilitator-led sessions. This approach resulted in a more formative approach that opened up mutual conversations that also promoted and enhanced reflective learning. The role of the group facilitator was valued in helping to structure the sessions. The wider use of peers and mentors to help deaneries with educational planning is recommended. © 2009 Radcliffe Publishing Limited.
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