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ClinicalPsychology09993.pdf.jpg2009Olanzapine versus placebo in adolescents with schizophrenia: A 6-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trialKryzhanovskaya L.; Schulz S.C.; McDougle C.; Frazier J.; Dittmann R.; Robertson-Plouch C.; Bauer T.; Xu W.; Wang W.; Carlson J.; Tohen M.; Kryzhanovskaya L.A.
ClinicalPsychology09991.pdf.jpg2009Relationships among sleepiness, sleep time, and psychological functioning in adolescentsMoore M.; Kirchner H.L.; Drotar D.; Johnson N.; Rosen C.; Ancoli-Israel S.; Redline S.
ClinicalPsychology09990.pdf.jpg2009Brief report: Childrens response to serious illness: Perceptions of benefit and burden in a pediatric cancer populationCurrier J.M.; Hermes S.; Phipps S.
ClinicalPsychology09992.pdf.jpg2009JCPP - The journal of child psychology and psychiatry: A history from the insideBerger M.; Hersov L.
ClinicalPsychology09994.pdf.jpg2009Childhood developmental disorders: An academic and clinical convergence point for psychiatry, neurology, psychology and pediatricsReiss A.L.
ClinicalPsychology09996.pdf.jpg2009Executive functions: Performance-based measures and the behavior rating inventory of executive function (BRIEF) in adolescents with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)Toplak M.E.; Bucciarelli S.M.; Jain U.; Tannock R.
ClinicalPsychology09995.pdf.jpg2009GHQ increases among Scottish 15 year olds 1987-2006Sweeting H.; Young R.; West P.
ClinicalPsychology09997.pdf.jpg2009Does depression mediate the relation between fatigue severity and disability in chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers?Hadlandsmyth K.; Vowles K.E.
ClinicalPsychology09998.pdf.jpg2009The irony of harmony: Intergroup contact can produce false expectations for equalitySaguy T.; Tausch N.; Dovidio J.F.; Pratto F.
ClinicalPsychology09999.pdf.jpg2009Brief report: Don't kiss a sleeping dog: The first assessment of "the blue dog" bite prevention programMeints K.; De Keuster T.
ClinicalPsychology09977.pdf.jpg2009Intentional Inhibition in Memory and Hallucinations: Directed Forgetting and UpdatingSoriano M.F.; Jimenez J.F.; Roman P.; Bajo M.T.
ClinicalPsychology09982.pdf.jpg2009Experiences of victimisation and depression are associated with community functioning among men with schizophreniaHodgins S.; Lincoln T.; Mak T.
ClinicalPsychology0998.pdf.jpg2009Psychosocial predictors of the onset of anxiety disorders in women: Results from a prospective 3-year longitudinal studyCalkins A.W.; Otto M.W.; Cohen L.S.; Soares C.N.; Vitonis A.F.; Hearon B.A.; Harlow B.L.
ClinicalPsychology09981.pdf.jpg2009The Impact of Repetition-Induced Familiarity on Agreement With Weak and Strong ArgumentsMoons W.G.; Mackie D.M.; Garcia-Marques T.
ClinicalPsychology09979.pdf.jpg2009Coorientation of body image among older married couplesOh K.; Damhorst M.L.
ClinicalPsychology09980.pdf.jpg2009The "instrumentality" heuristic: Why metacognitive difficulty is desirable during goal pursuitLabroo A.A.; Kim S.
ClinicalPsychology09978.pdf.jpg2009Psychological factors linked to self-reported depression symptoms in late adolescenceSmith M.; Calam R.; Bolton C.
ClinicalPsychology09988.pdf.jpg2009Hypnotic illusions and clinical delusions: A hypnotic paradigm for investigating delusions of misidentificationCox R.E.; Barnier A.J.
ClinicalPsychology09986.pdf.jpg2009Correlates of stimulant treatment outcome across treatment modalitiesPeirce J.M.; Petry N.M.; Roll J.M.; Kolodner K.; Krasnansky J.; Stabile P.Q.; Brown C.; Stitzer M.L.
ClinicalPsychology09985.pdf.jpg2009The Influence of Religious Participation on the Adjustment of Female InmatesLevitt L.; Loper A.B.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1020