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Title: Framework and confidentiality in clinical interviews in school psychology: A qualitative exploration of representations among professionals [Cadre et confidentialité de l'entretien clinique en psychologie scolaire : quelles représentations chez les professionnels ? Une recherche qualitative exploratoire]
Authors: Gilbert M.
Keywords: Clinical framework;Confidentiality;Focus group;Psychological record;Representations;School psychology
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Publisher: Pratiques Psychologiques
Citation: Volume , Issue , Page -
Abstract: Despite the fact that the issue of the framework reveals many ethico-clinical considerations in the literature, confidentiality is rarely mentioned. How do professionals working in schools (psychologists, speech therapists, psychomotricians) see the rules of confidentiality? When faced with a fictitious dilemma, do they apply rules that are related only to the clinical framework? This qualitative study explores the representations of 20 professionals recorded during the discussions of two focus groups. Discourse analysis of thematic markers reveals that, in terms of frequency, two thirds of the rules invoked by the subjects are ethico-clinical rules, while the rest are legal or institutional, or appeal to another indeterminate reference. © 2010 Société française de psychologie.
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