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TeacherEducation10652.pdf.jpg2010UCS-PROMOVE: The engineer of the futureVillas-Boas V.
TeacherEducation171.pdf.jpg1988Unacknowledged knowledge growth: A re-examination of the effects of teacher educationGrossman P.L.; Richert A.E.
ClinicalPsychology10486.pdf.jpg2010Unconscious inhibition separates two forms of cognitive controlBoy F.; Husain M.; Sumner P.
TeacherEducation09716.pdf.jpg2009Uncovering pre-service music teachers' assumptions of teaching, learning, and musicBernard R.
TeacherEducation1069.pdf.jpg2010Understanding "doability" - When teachers become digital movie producersWerby O.
TeacherEducation0992.pdf.jpg2009Understanding and acquisition of entrepreneurial skills: A pedagogical Re-orientation for classroom teacher in science educationAdeyemo S.A.
TeacherEducation115.pdf.jpg2005Understanding and assessing preservice teachers' reflective thinkingLee H.-J.
TeacherEducation10251.pdf.jpg2010Understanding and finding mentorship: A review for junior facultyCarey E.C.; Weissman D.E.
TeacherEducation10569.pdf.jpg2010Understanding Changes in Teacher Roles Through Collaborative Action ResearchSubramaniam K.
TeacherEducation11117.pdf.jpg2011Understanding Chemical Change in Primary Education: The Effect of Two Cognitive VariablesStamovlasis D.; Papageorgiou G.
TeacherEducation10917.pdf.jpg2010Understanding constructive feedback: A commitment between teachers and students for academic and professional developmentHamid Y.; Mahmood S.
ClinicalPsychology10641.pdf.jpg2010Understanding factors influencing substance use in people with recent onset psychosis: A qualitative studyLobbana F.; Barrowclough C.; Jeffery S.; Bucci S.; Taylor K.; Mallinson S.; Fitzsimmons M.; Marshall M.
TeacherEducation09387.pdf.jpg2009Understanding first year university students: Personal epistemology and learningWalker S.; Brownlee J.; Lennox S.; Exley B.; Howells K.; Cocker F.
TeacherEducation09607.pdf.jpg2009Understanding mainland Chinese students' motivations for choosing teacher education programmes in Hong KongGao X.; Trent J.
TeacherEducation10733.pdf.jpg2010Understanding narrative relations in teacher educationForrest M.; Keener T.; Harkins M.J.
TeacherEducation11669.pdf.jpg2011Understanding new teachers' professional identities through metaphorThomas L.; Beauchamp C.
TeacherEducation09228.pdf.jpg2009Understanding our learners and developing reflective practice: Conducting action research with English language learnersSowa P.A.
TeacherEducation11703.pdf.jpg2011Understanding pedagogical design capacity through teachers' narrativesDavis E.A.; Beyer C.; Forbes C.T.; Stevens S.
TeacherEducation11206.pdf.jpgUnderstanding preservice teachers' technology use through TPACK frameworkPamuk S.
TeacherEducation11976.pdf.jpg2011Understanding prospective mathematics teachers' processes for making sense of students'work with technologyWilson P.H.; Lee H.S.; Hollebrands K.F.