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TeacherEducation10885.pdf.jpg2010S(t)imulating learning: Pedagogy, subjectivity and teacher education in online environmentsSaltmarsh S.; Sutherland-Smith W.
ClinicalPsychology09662.pdf.jpg2009S100B serum levels and word memory processing in remitted major depression as reflected by brain potentialsZhang Y.; Rothermundt M.; Peters M.; Wiesmann M.; Hoy L.; Arolt V.; Emrich H.M.; Dietrich D.E.
ClinicalPsychology09692.pdf.jpg2009Sadder and Less Accurate? False Memory for Negative Material in DepressionJoormann J.; Teachman B.A.; Gotlib I.H.
TeacherEducation11695.pdf.jpg2011'Safe spaces'? Sites of bilingualism for young learners in home, school and communityConteh J.; Brock A.
ClinicalPsychology10794.pdf.jpg2010Safety behaviors and judgmental biases in social anxiety disorderTaylor C.T.; Alden L.E.
ClinicalPsychology11190.pdf.jpg2011Sakit Hati: A state of chronic mental distress related to resentment and anger amongst West Papuan refugees exposed to persecutionRees S.; Silove D.
ClinicalPsychology09833.pdf.jpg2009Salivary gonadal and adrenal hormone differences in boys and girls with and without disruptive behavior disorders: Contextual variantsDorn L.D.; Kolko D.J.; Susman E.J.; Huang B.; Stein H.; Music E.; Bukstein O.G.
EducationAndHighest45.pdf.jpg1996Satisfaction and comparison incomeClark A.E.; Oswald A.J.
EducationVietNam47.pdf.jpg1997Satisfaction of Vietnamese patients and their families with refugee and mainstream mental health servicesSilove D.; Manicavasagar V.; Beltran R.; Le G.; Nguyen H.; Phan T.; Blaszczynski A.
EducationVietNam121.pdf.jpg1999Saving practices of new Canadians from Vietnam and LaosJohnson P.J.
TeacherEducation09680.pdf.jpg2009Saying yes to online learning: A first-time experience teaching an online graduate course in literacy educationPeterson S.S.; Slotta J.
2011sách giáo khoaĐại học Giáo dục
TeacherEducation09129.pdf.jpg2009Scaffolded support systems: Examining a multi-tiered support plan protocol for struggling teacher candidatesSobel D.; Gutierrez C.
TeacherEducation10219.pdf.jpg2010Scaffolding or stifling? The influence of journal requirements on students' engagement in reflective practiceMcGarr O.; Moody J.
TeacherEducation11314.pdf.jpg2011Scaffolding pre-service teachers' observations: Eye on the futureYoung T.; Bender-Slack D.
TeacherEducation09694.pdf.jpg2009Scaffolding science teachers in open-inquiry teachingvan der Valk T.; de Jong O.
EducationVietNam56.pdf.jpg2007Scaling up HIV treatment, care and support for injecting drug users in VietnamMaher L.; Coupland H.; Musson R.
ClinicalPsychology11473.pdf.jpg2011Scared by You: Modulation of Bodily-Self by Emotional Body-Postures in AutismZamagni E.; Dolcini C.; Gessaroli E.; Santelli E.; Frassinetti F.
EducationVietNam196.pdf.jpg2009Scenarios of Rajamangala University of Technology Isan in the next decadeAmatariyakul W.; Tesaputa K.; Sota C.
EducationVietNam297.pdf.jpg2009Scenarios of Rajamangala University of technology Isan in the next decadeAmatariyakul W.; Tesaputa K.