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ClinicalPsychology09921.pdf.jpg2009Race, context, and privilege: White adolescents' explanations of racial-ethnic centralityGrossman J.M.; Charmaraman L.
TeacherEducation11553.pdf.jpg2011Race, culture and all that: An exploration of the perspectives of White secondary student teachers about race equality issues in their initial teacher educationLander V.
TeacherEducation11285.pdf.jpg2011Raceblindness in Mexico: Implications for teacher education in the United StatesSue C.A.
TeacherEducation10993.pdf.jpg2010Rachel's literacy stories: Unpacking one preservice teacher's moral perspectives on literacy teachingJohnson A.
EducationAndHighest24.pdf.jpg1997Racial differences in physical and mental health. Socio-economic status, stress and discriminationWilliams D.R.; Yu Y.; Jackson J.S.; Anderson N.B.
ClinicalPsychology1171.pdf.jpg2011Racial identification, racial discrimination, and substance use vulnerability among african american young adultsStock M.L.; Gibbons F.X.; Walsh L.A.; Gerrard M.
TeacherEducation09187.pdf.jpg2009Rad-Path: Integrated anatomical pathology and radiology undergraduate tutorialsMiller A.; Rudland J.; Hurrell M.; Ali A.
TeacherEducation10189.pdf.jpg2010Radical constructivism: Epistemology, education and dynamiteSlezak P.
TeacherEducation10271.pdf.jpg2010Raising teachers' awareness about corrective feedback through research replicationVasquez C.; Harvey J.
TeacherEducation10870.pdf.jpg2010Raising the educational requirements for teachers in infant toddler classrooms: Implications for institutions of higher educationNorris D.J.
TeacherEducation09403.pdf.jpg2009Raising the language awareness of pre-service english teachers in an EFL contextTuzel A.E.B.; Akcan S.
ClinicalPsychology10879.pdf.jpg2010Randomised controlled trial of parent groups for child antisocial behaviour targeting multiple risk factors: The SPOKES projectScott S.; Sylva K.; Doolan M.; Price J.; Jacobs B.; Crook C.; Landau S.
ClinicalPsychology10668.pdf.jpg2010Randomized comparison of ultra-brief bifrontal and unilateral electroconvulsive therapy for major depression: cognitive side-effectsSienaert P.; Vansteelandt K.; Demyttenaere K.; Peuskens J.
ClinicalPsychology09614.pdf.jpg2009Randomized controlled trial of a cognitive-behavioral intervention for HIV-positive persons: an investigation of treatment effects on psychosocial adjustmentCarrico A.W.; Chesney M.A.; Johnson M.O.; Morin S.F.; Neilands T.B.; Remien R.H.; Rotheram-Borus M.J.; Lennie Wong F.
ClinicalPsychology10845.pdf.jpg2010Randomized trial of reattribution on psychosocial talk between doctors and patients with medically unexplained symptomsMorriss R.; Gask L.; Dowrick C.; Dunn G.; Peters S.; Ring A.; Davies J.; Salmon P.
ClinicalPsychology10374.pdf.jpg2010Randomized trial of social rehabilitation and integrated health care for older people with severe mental illnessMueser K.T.; Pratt S.I.; Bartels S.J.; Swain K.; Forester B.; Cather C.; Feldman J.
EducationSciences58.pdf.jpg2006Ranking and clustering Australian University research performance, 1998-2002Valadkhani A.; Worthington A.
ClinicalPsychology11504.pdf.jpg2011Rapid amygdala gamma oscillations in response to fearful facial expressionsSato W.; Kochiyama T.; Uono S.; Matsuda K.; Usui K.; Inoue Y.; Toichi M.
ClinicalPsychology10341.pdf.jpg2010Rapid treatment of ptsd: Why psychological exposure with acupoint tapping may be effectiveFeinstein D.
Clinical188.pdf.jpg2008Rare chromosomal deletions and duplications increase risk of schizophreniaStone J.L.; O'Donovan M.C.; Gurling H.; Kirov G.K.; Blackwood D.H.R.; Corvin A.; Craddock N.J.; Gill M.; Hultman C.M.; Lichtenstein P.; McQuillin A.; Pato C.N.; Ruderfer D.M.; Owen M.J.; St Clair D.; Sullivan P.F.; Sklar P.; Purcell S.M.; Korn J.; Macgregor S.; Morris D.W.; O'Dushlaine C.T.; Daly M.J.; Visscher P.M.; Holmans P.A.; Scolnick E.M.; Williams N.M.; Georgieva L.; Nikolov I.; Norton N.; Williams H.; Toncheva D.; Milanova V.; Thelander E.F.; Sullivan P.; Kenny E.; Waddington J.L.; Choudhury K.; Datta S.; Pimm J.; Thirumalai S.; Puri V.; Krasucki R.; Lawrence J.; Quested D.; Bass N.; Curtis D.; Crombie C.; Fraser G.; Leh Kwan S.; Walker N.; Muir W.J.; McGhee K.A.; Pickard B.; Malloy P.; Maclean A.W.; Van Beck M.; Pato M.T.; Medeiros H.; Middleton F.; Carvalho C.; Morley C.; Fanous A.; Conti D.; Knowles J.A.; Paz Ferreira C.; Macedo A.; Helena Azevedo M.; McCarroll S.A.; Daly M.; Chambert K.; Gates C.; Gabriel S.B.; Mahon S.; Ardlie K.