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TeacherEducation113.pdf.jpg2011Qualification scale for early childhood teachersKucukturan G.
EducationAndHighest4.pdf.jpg2004Qualitative content analysis in nursing research: Concepts, procedures and measures to achieve trustworthinessGraneheim U.H.; Lundman B.
TeacherEducation11770.pdf.jpg2011Qualities of influential literacy teacher educatorsWold L.S.; Young J.R.; Risko V.J.
TeacherEducation09308.pdf.jpg2009Quality improvement in early childhood teacher education: Faculty perspectives and recommendations for the futureHyson M.; Tomlinson H.B.; Morris C.A.S.
TeacherEducation10328.pdf.jpg2010Quality lesson planning and quality delivery: Do they relate?Dorovolomo J.; Phan H.P.; Maebuta J.
EducationVietNam213.pdf.jpg2007Quality of business graduates in Vietnamese institutions: Multiple perspectivesDuoc T.Q.; Metzger C.
TeacherEducation153.pdf.jpg1999Quality of early childhood programs in inclusive and noninclusive settingsBuysse V.; Wesley P.W.; Bryant D.; Gardner D.
ClinicalPsychology09697.pdf.jpg2009Quality of Informal Care Is MultidimensionalChristie J.; Smith G.R.; Williamson G.M.; Lance C.E.; Shovali T.E.; Silva L.C.
ClinicalPsychology09195.pdf.jpg2009Quality of life and psychopathology during the course of schizophreniaRocca P.; Giugiario M.; Montemagni C.; Rigazzi C.; Rocca G.; Bogetto F.
Children6.pdf.jpg2008Quality of life in children with heart disease as perceived by children and parentsUzark K.; Jones K.; Slusher J.; Limbers C.A.; Burwinkle T.M.; Varni J.W.
ClinicalPsychology10540.pdf.jpg2010Quality of life in people living with HIV/AIDS in LebanonAbboud S.; Noureddine S.; Huijer H.A.-S.; Dejong J.; Mokhbat J.
ClinicalPsychology1182.pdf.jpg2011Quality of life of adolescents with asthma: The role of personality, coping strategies, and symptom reportingVan De Ven M.O.M.; Engels R.C.M.E.
ClinicalPsychology11393.pdf.jpg2011Quality of life profiles and changes in the course of maintenance treatment among 1,015 patients with severe opioid dependenceKarow A.; Verthein U.; Pukrop R.; Reimer J.; Haasen C.; Krausz M.; Schafer I.
ClinicalPsychology0995.pdf.jpg2009Quality of life, psychosocial health, and antiretroviral therapy among HIV-positive women in ZimbabwePatel R.; Kassaye S.; Gore-Felton C.; Wyshak G.; Kadzirange G.; Woelk G.; Katzenstein D.
TeacherEducation11808.pdf.jpg2011Quality self-reflection through reflection trainingGun B.
TeacherEducation11680.pdf.jpg2011Quality teacher education: The challenges of developing professional knowledge, honing professional practice and managing teacher identitiesMayer D.; Reid J.A.; Santoro N.; Singh M.
TeacherEducation11307.pdf.jpg2011Quality teaching and teacher education: A kaleidoscope of notionsWang J.; Lin E.; Spalding E.; Klecka C.L.; Odell S.J.
Clinical270.pdf.jpg2001Quality-of-life measures in chronic diseases of childhoodEiser C.; Morse R.
2011Quan hệ Nội dung- dạy họcĐại học Giáo dục
2011Quan hệ Nội dung- dạy họcĐại học Giáo dục