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ClinicalPsychology1134.pdf.jpg2011P3 event-related potentials and childhood maltreatment in successful and unsuccessful psychopathsGao Y.; Raine A.; Schug R.A.
ClinicalPsychology09264.pdf.jpg2009Pain catastrophizing in patients with noncardiac chest pain: Relationships with pain, anxiety, and disabilityShelby R.A.; Somers T.J.; Keefe F.J.; Silva S.G.; McKee D.C.; She L.; Waters S.J.; Varia I.; Riordan Y.B.; Knowles V.M.; Blazing M.; Blumenthal J.A.; Johnson P.
ClinicalPsychology09562.pdf.jpg2009Pain ratings, sensory thresholds, and psychosocial functioning in women with provoked vestibulodyniaSutton K.S.; Pukall C.F.; Chamberlain S.
ClinicalPsychology10292.pdf.jpg2010Painful engagement in deliberate self-harm: The role of conditional goal settingDanchin C.L.; MacLeod A.K.; Tata P.
ClinicalPsychology10706.pdf.jpg2010Palestinian physicians' misconceptions about and approval of wife abuseHaj-Yahia M.M.
ClinicalPsychology11511.pdf.jpg2011Paliperidone ER: Clinical efficacy, tolerability and influence on functioning [Paliperidone ER: Profilo di efficacia clinica, tollerabilità e impatto sul funzionamento]Rossi A.; Monteleone P.; Carpiniello B.
EducationVietNam105.pdf.jpg2005PANdora's box: Distance learning technologies in AsiaBaggaley J.; Hoon M.N.L.
ClinicalPsychology1149.pdf.jpg2011Panic, phobic personality, helplessness and masochism: Psychoanalytic discussions [Pânico, personalidade fóbica, desamparo e masoquismo: Articulações psicanalíticas]Zanetti E.S.; Peres R.S.
TeacherEducation101029.pdf.jpg2010Parables, storytelling, and teacher educationBullough Jr. R.V.
TeacherEducation10560.pdf.jpg2010Paradigms, perspectives and dichotomies amongst teacher educators in Hong KongKatyal K.R.; Fai P.M.
ClinicalPsychology10357.pdf.jpg2010Parent, teacher, and self perceptions of psychosocial functioning in intellectually gifted children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorderFoley Nicpon M.; Doobay A.F.; Assouline S.G.
ClinicalPsychology09526.pdf.jpg2009Parent- and youth-reported illness uncertainty: Associations with distress and psychosocial functioning among recipients of liver and kidney transplantationsSteele R.G.; Aylward B.S.; Jensen C.D.; Wu Y.P.
ClinicalPsychology10207.pdf.jpg2010Parent-child concordance of Taq1 A1 allele predicts similarity of parent-child weight loss in behavioral family-based treatment programsEpstein L.H.; Dearing K.K.; Erbe R.W.
ClinicalPsychology11537.pdf.jpg2011Parent-child interaction therapy emotion development: A novel treatment for depression in preschool childrenLenze S.N.; Pautsch J.; Luby J.
ClinicalPsychology09157.pdf.jpg2009Parent-delivered compensatory education for children at risk of educational failure: Improving the academic and self-regulatory skills of a sure start preschool sampleFord R.M.; McDougall S.J.P.; Evans D.
ClinicalPsychology0930.pdf.jpg2009Parental depression as a moderator of secondary deficits of depression in adult offspringTimko C.; Cronkite R.C.; Swindle R.; Robinson R.L.; Sutkowi A.; Moos R.H.
ClinicalPsychology11168.pdf.jpg2011Parental educational practices in relation to children's anxiety disorder-related behaviorMellon R.C.; Moutavelis A.G.
ClinicalPsychology09946.pdf.jpg2009Parental HIV/AIDS and psychosocial adjustment among rural chinese childrenFang X.; Li X.; Stanton B.; Hong Y.; Zhang L.; Zhao G.; Zhao J.; Lin X.; Lin D.
ClinicalPsychology11624.pdf.jpg2011Parental perceptions of child vulnerability and parent stress as predictors of pain and adjustment in children with chronic arthritisAnthony K.K.; Bromberg M.H.; Gil K.M.; Schanberg L.E.
Clinical284.pdf.jpg1984Parental psychiatric disorder: Effects on childrenRutter M.; Quinton D.