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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Mark Availability
ClinicalPsychology1141.pdf.jpg2011Magnitude and chronometry of neural mechanisms of emotion regulation in subtypes of aggressive childrenLamm C.; Granic I.; Zelazo P.D.; Lewis M.D.
TeacherEducation09802.pdf.jpg2009Main barriers and possible enablers of ICTs Integration into pre-service teacher education programsGoktas Y.; Yildirim S.; Yildirim Z.
ClinicalPsychology09458.pdf.jpg2009Main Predictions of the Interpersonal-Psychological Theory of Suicidal Behavior: Empirical Tests in Two Samples of Young AdultsJoiner Jr. T.E.; Van Orden K.A.; Witte T.K.; Selby E.A.; Ribeiro J.D.; Lewis R.; Rudd M.D.
Clinical211.pdf.jpg1994Major depression in community adolescents: Age at onset, episode duration, and time to recurrenceLewinsohn P.M.; Clarke G.N.; Seeley J.R.; Rohde P.
TeacherEducation11899.pdf.jpg2011Making a difference.Baravarian B.
TeacherEducation10680.pdf.jpg2010Making a practice an academic officeShulman S.T.
TeacherEducation09797.pdf.jpg2009Making a science of educationAlberts B.
TeacherEducation10826.pdf.jpg2010Making formative assessment discernable to pre-service teachers of scienceBuck G.A.; Trauth-Nare A.; Kaftan J.
TeacherEducation11502.pdf.jpg2011Making it happen: A grounded theory study of inservice teacher training for parent involvement in schoolsLemmer E.
TeacherEducation101093.pdf.jpg2010Making practice public: Teacher learning in the 21st centuryLieberman A.; Mace D.
TeacherEducation10430.pdf.jpg2010Making practice studyableGhousseini H.; Sleep L.
TeacherEducation10614.pdf.jpg2010Making reflection public: Using interactive online discussion board to enhance student learningRocco S.
TeacherEducation10860.pdf.jpg2010Making sense of classroom diversity: How can field instruction practices support interns' learning?Bates A.J.; Rosaen C.
TeacherEducation10556.pdf.jpg2010Making sense of conceptual tools in student-generated cases: Student teachers' problem-solving processesJahreie C.F.
TeacherEducation182.pdf.jpg2001Making sense of language teaching: Teachers' principles and classroom practicesBreen M.P.; Hird B.; Milton M.; Oliver R.; Thwaite A.
TeacherEducation1092.pdf.jpg2010Making sense of learning to teach: Learners in contextMutton T.; Burn K.; Hagger H.
TeacherEducation11181.pdf.jpg2011Making sense of minority student identification in special education: School context mattersTalbott E.; Fleming J.; Karabatsos G.; Dobria L.
ClinicalPsychology09795.pdf.jpg2009Making sense of nonsense in British Sign Language (BSL): The contribution of different phonological parameters to sign recognitionOrfanidou E.; Adam R.; McQueen J.M.; Morgan G.
TeacherEducation11568.pdf.jpg2011Making sense of reflection: A comparison of beginning and experienced teachers' perceptions of reflection for practiceWilliams R.; Grudnoff L.
TeacherEducation10968.pdf.jpg2010Making sense of teaching through metaphors: A review across three studiesMahlios M.; Massengill-Shaw D.; Barry A.