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ClinicalPsychology092.pdf.jpg2009"I am not complaining" - Ambivalence construct in schizoid personality disorderThylstrup B.; Hesse M.
ClinicalPsychology09786.pdf.jpg2009I continue to feel so good about us: In-group identification and the use of social identity-enhancing strategies to reduce intragroup dissonanceGlasford D.E.; Dovidio J.F.; Pratto F.
ClinicalPsychology10101.pdf.jpg2010I didn't feel like drinking but I don't know why: The effects of evaluative conditioning on alcohol-related attitudes, craving and behaviorHouben K.; Schoenmakers T.M.; Wiers R.W.
TeacherEducation11369.pdf.jpg2011"I didn't know water could be so messy": coteaching in elementary teacher education and the production of identity for a new teacher of scienceSiry C.; Lara J.
TeacherEducation11220.pdf.jpg2011I don't feel comfortable reading those books in my classroom: A qualitative study of the impact of cultural and political vignettes in a teacher education courseDarvin J.
TeacherEducation11600.pdf.jpg2011"I don't think Black men teach because how they get treated as students": High-achieving African American boys' perceptions of teaching as a career optionGraham A.; Erwin K.D.
ClinicalPsychology09771.pdf.jpg2009'I don't trust you, you are going to tell', adolescents with emotional and behavioural disorders participating in qualitative researchVander Laenen F.
TeacherEducation10763.pdf.jpg2010"I had no idea": Developing dispositional awareness and sensitivity through a cross-professional pedagogyDotger B.H.
TeacherEducation0957.pdf.jpg2009I have a student who⋯: An exploration of societal norms embedded in co-constructed narrativesYoung K.S.
TeacherEducation10861.pdf.jpg2010"I have huge stereo-types:" Using eco-maps to understand children and familiesBaumgartner J.J.; Buchanan T.K.
TeacherEducation09114.pdf.jpg2009"I just don't have the capability": Examining the impact of declining arts education on teacher beliefsGarvis S.
TeacherEducation10398.pdf.jpg2010'I like this interview; I get cakes and cats!': The effect of prior relationships on interview talkGarton S.; Copland F.
ClinicalPsychology10273.pdf.jpg2010I suppress, therefore I smoke: Effects of thought suppression on smoking behaviorErskine J.A.K.; Georgiou G.J.; Kvavilashvili L.
TeacherEducation10210.pdf.jpg2010'I understood the complexity within diversity': Preparation for partnership with families in early childhood settingsHedges H.; Lee D.
TeacherEducation10551.pdf.jpg2010'I was confident about teaching but SEN scared me': Preparing new teachers for including pupils with special educational needsRichards G.
TeacherEducation09738.pdf.jpg2009"I Will never teach the old way again": Classroom management and external incentivesMader C.E.
TeacherEducation09502.pdf.jpg2009'I'm not a "maths-person"!' Reconstituting mathematical subjectivities in aesthetic teaching practicesPalmer A.
ClinicalPsychology1153.pdf.jpg2011'I've never been much of a risk-taker at all ...': Exploring the social meaning of smoking in a small group of well-educated womenHumphreys N.K.; Hendry L.B.; John B.; Roderique-Davies G.; Faulkner S.
EducationVietNam248.pdf.jpg2011ICT in teacher education in an emerging developing country: Vietnam's baseline situation at the start of 'The Year of ICT'Peeraer J.; Van Petegem P.
TeacherEducation11661.pdf.jpg2011ICT in teacher education in an emerging developing country: Vietnam's baseline situation at the start of 'The Year of ICT'Peeraer J.; Van Petegem P.