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ClinicalPsychology09668.pdf.jpg2009Hallucinations and two types of free-recall intrusion in schizophreniaBrebion G.; David A.S.; Bressan R.A.; Ohlsen R.I.; Pilowsky L.S.
ClinicalPsychology09215.pdf.jpg2009Handwriting movement analyses for monitoring drug-induced motor side effects in schizophrenia patients treated with risperidoneCaligiuri M.P.; Teulings H.-L.; Dean C.E.; Niculescu A.B.; Lohr J.
ClinicalPsychology11179.pdf.jpg2011Haptics in teaching handwriting: The role of perceptual and visuo-motor skillsBara F.; Gentaz E.
TeacherEducation09240.pdf.jpg2009Harnessing the slipstream: Building educational research capacity in Northern Ireland. Size mattersLeitch R.
TeacherEducation156.pdf.jpg1997Has the alternative certification policy materialized its promise? A comparison between traditionally and alternatively certified teachers in public schoolsShen J.
EducationVietNam287.pdf.jpg2010Having 'learning difficulties': The inclusive education of disabled girls and boys in vietnamRydstrom H.
EducationSciences50.pdf.jpg2006Hazards, doubts and incompleteness in the logic of skills in education [Dangers, incertitudes et incomplétude de la logique de la compétence en éducation]Crahay M.
Hanh vi chu huong ham an trong tham thoai.pdf.jpg2006Hành vi chủ hướng hàm ẩn trong tham thoạiDương Tuyết Hạnh
Hanh vi chu huong nho ham an.pdf.jpg2007Hành vi chủ hướng nhờ hàm ẩnDương Tuyết Hạnh
Hanh vi mo rong tham thoai.pdf.jpg2005Hành vi mở rộng tham thoạiDương Tuyết Hạnh
2016Hành vi tự gây tổn thương ở trẻ vị thành niên: thực trạng, các mô hình lý giải, các chiến lược phòng ngừa & can thiệp trong trường họcHồ Thu Hà
EducationVietNam319.pdf.jpg2007Health and social situation of adolescents in Hanoi, VietnamRubenson B.E.; Vu V.T.; Ngo T.V.; Nguyen H.N.; Johansson E.; Reilly M.
EducationVietNam27.pdf.jpg1999Health culture and the clinical encounter: Vietnamese refugees' responses to preventive drug treatment of inactive tuberculosisIto K.L.
Clinical111.pdf.jpg1999Health literacy: Report of the council on scientific affairsBresolin L.B.
Clinical238.pdf.jpg1996Health Psychology: Psychological Factors and Physical Disease from the Perspective of Human PsychoneuroimmunologyCohen S.; Herbert T.B.
EducationVietNam114.pdf.jpg2005Health related quality of life of adolescents in Vietnam: Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Adolescent Duke Health ProfileThi Xuan Hanh V.; Guillemin F.; Dinh Cong D.; Parkerson Jr. G.R.; Bach Thu P.; Tu Quynh P.; Briancon S.
TeacherEducation10947.pdf.jpg2010Health through school education [Éducation pour la santé à l'école]Tubiana M.
ClinicalPsychology09243.pdf.jpg2009Health-related hindrance of personal goal pursuit and well-being of young adults with cystic fibrosis, pediatric cancer survivors, and peers without a history of chronic illnessSchwartz L.A.; Drotar D.
ClinicalPsychology10398.pdf.jpg2010Health-related Quality of Life across the anxiety disorders: Findings from a sample of primary care patientsBeard C.; Weisberg R.B.; Keller M.B.
Clinical251.pdf.jpg1998Health-related quality of life and posttraumatic stress disorder in survivors of the acute respiratory distress syndromeSchelling G.; Stoll C.; Haller M.; Briegel J.; Manert W.; Hummel T.; Lenhart A.; Heyduck M.; Polasek J.; Meier M.; Preuss U.; Bullinger M.; Schuffel W.; Peter K.