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TeacherEducation09394.pdf.jpg2009F. M. Courtis collection: A window on teacher education at Bendigo, AustraliaCollet P.
ClinicalPsychology10154.pdf.jpg2010Faces are special but not too special: Spared face recognition in amnesia is based on familiarityAly M.; Knight R.T.; Yonelinas A.P.
ClinicalPsychology09451.pdf.jpg2009Facets of Spirituality as Predictors of Adjustment to Cancer: Relative Contributions of Having Faith and Finding MeaningYanez B.; Edmondson D.; Stanton A.L.; Park C.L.; Kwan L.; Ganz P.A.; Blank T.O.
ClinicalPsychology09955.pdf.jpg2009Facial emotion recognition and alexithymia in adults with somatoform disordersGil F.P.; Ridout N.; Kessler H.; Neuffer M.; Schoechlin C.; Traue H.C.; Nickel M.
TeacherEducation10308.pdf.jpg2010Facilitated dialogues with teachers in conflict-ridden areas: In search of pedagogical openings that move beyond the paralysing effects of perpetrator-victim narrativesBekerman Z.; Zembylas M.
ClinicalPsychology1074.pdf.jpg2010Facilitating congruence between religious beliefs and sexual identity with mindfulnessTan E.S.N.; Yarhouse M.A.
ClinicalPsychology11154.pdf.jpg2011Facilitating online support groups for cancer patients: The learning experience of psycho-oncology cliniciansStephen J.E.; Christie G.; Flood K.; Golant M.; Rahn M.; Rennie H.; Speca M.; Taylor-Brown J.; Turner J.
TeacherEducation101.pdf.jpg2010Facilitating preservice teachers' development of technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge (TPACK)Chai C.S.; Koh J.H.L.; Tsai C.-C.
TeacherEducation11311.pdf.jpg2011Facilitating students' global perspectives: Collaborating with international partners using Web 2.0 technologiesErtmer P.A.; Newby T.J.; Yu J.H.; Liu W.; Tomory A.; Lee Y.M.; Sendurur E.; Sendurur P.
TeacherEducation11393.pdf.jpg2011Facilitating teacher educators' professional learning through a regional research capacity-building networkJones M.; Stanley G.; McNamara O.; Murray J.
TeacherEducation11705.pdf.jpg2011Facilitating the learning of all students: The 'professional positive' of inclusive practice in Australian primary schoolsBoyle C.; Scriven B.; Durning S.; Downes C.
TeacherEducation09633.pdf.jpg2009Facilitating the transition from empirical arguments to proofStylianides G.J.; Stylianides A.J.
ClinicalPsychology10728.pdf.jpg2010Facilitation of bottom-up feature detection following rTMS-interference of the right parietal cortexOliveri M.; Zhaoping L.; Mangano G.R.; Turriziani P.; Smirni D.; Cipolotti L.
TeacherEducation10881.pdf.jpg2010Fact or fiction? Analyzing institutional barriers and individual responsibility to advance the internationalization of teacher educationMahon J.
Clinical27.pdf.jpg1995Factor analysis in the development and refinement of clinical assessment instrumentsFloyd F.J.; Widaman K.F.
ClinicalPsychology09352.pdf.jpg2009Factor Structure of the Children's Perception of Interparental Conflict Scale for Studies of Youths With Externalizing Behavior ProblemsNigg J.T.; Nikolas M.; Miller T.; Burt S.A.; Klump K.L.; von Eye A.
ClinicalPsychology10418.pdf.jpg2010Factors affecting breastfeeding cessation after discontinuation of antiretroviral therapy to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIVMorgan M.C.; Masaba R.O.; Nyikuri M.; Thomas T.K.
TeacherEducation11984.pdf.jpg2011Factors affecting student teachers' perceptions on mentor roles: A study at distance english language teacher training programKoc E.M.
ClinicalPsychology09783.pdf.jpg2009Factors associated with cell phone use in adolescents in the community of Madrid (Spain)Sanchez-Martinez M.; Otero A.
ClinicalPsychology09211.pdf.jpg2009Factors Associated with Internet Addiction among AdolescentsLam L.T.; Peng Z.-W.; Mai J.-C.; Jing J.