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TeacherEducation1020.pdf.jpg2010E-learning and E-portfolio for in-service secondary technology teacher education on the Chinese mainland and in Hong KongFeng W.-W.; Siu K.W.M.
TeacherEducation099.pdf.jpg2009E-Learning in medical education: Guide supplement 32.5 ViewpointBilham T.
TeacherEducation09508.pdf.jpg2009E-learning: You don't always get what you hope forKirkwood A.
TeacherEducation11719.pdf.jpg2011E-portfolio supervision and its impact on students reflections during Practicum. A case Study [Supervisión con e-portafolios y su impacto en las reflexiones de los estudiantes en el practicum. estudio de caso1]de la Serna M.C.
TeacherEducation09273.pdf.jpg2009E-portfolios as a pedagogical device in primary teacher education: The AUT University experienceMaher M.; Gerbic P.
TeacherEducation10525.pdf.jpg2010E-portfolios in teacher education 2002-2009: The social construction of discourse, design and disseminationGranberg C.
TeacherEducation10453.pdf.jpg2010Early career teachers' quit intentions: Implications for teacher educationPamu M.R.
TeacherEducation1188.pdf.jpg2011Early childhood inclusion: A postcolonial analysis of pre-service teachers' professional development and pedagogy in GhanaAgbenyega J.S.; Klibthong S.
TeacherEducation09275.pdf.jpg2009Early childhood prospective teacher pedagogical belief shifts over timeVartuli S.; Rohs J.
TeacherEducation10347.pdf.jpg2010Early childhood teacher education: Historical themes and contemporary issuesBlank J.
TeacherEducation11763.pdf.jpg2011Early childhood teacher education: The case of geometryClements D.H.; Sarama J.
TeacherEducation09579.pdf.jpg2009Early childhood teachers' ideas about including children with disabilities in programmes designed for typically developing childrenHuang H.-H.; Diamond K.E.
ClinicalPsychology10605.pdf.jpg2010Early days at the Tavistock instituteSpillius E.
ClinicalPsychology11450.pdf.jpg2011Early developmental regression in autism spectrum disorder: Evidence from an international multiplex sampleParr J.R.; Le Couteur A.; Baird G.; Rutter M.; Pickles A.; Fombonne E.; Bailey A.J.; Wallace S.; Wittemeyer K.; Monaco A.; Barnby G.; Bolton P.; Moore J.; Murin M.; McConachie H.; Berney T.; Docherty Z.; Abbs S.; Ogilvie C.; Warburton P.; Lamb J.; Green J.; Bolton B.; Packer R.; Haracopos D.; Pedersen L.; Isager T.; Brondum-Nielsen K.; Roge B.; Tauber M.; Mantoulan C.; Poustka F.; Bolte S.; Feineis-Matthews S.; Ruhl D.; Schmotzer G.; Poustka A.; Klauck S.M.; Tsiantis J.; Papanikolaou K.; Maestrini E.; Van Engeland H.; De Jonge M.; Lord C.; Corsello C.; Cook E.; Salt J.; Guter S.; Leventhal B.; Volkmar F.; Koenig K.
TeacherEducation11558.pdf.jpg2011Early education for diversity: Starting from birthOliveira-Formosinho J.; Araujo S.B.
2015"Early identification and intervention services for children with autism in Vietnam"Tran Van Cong, Bahr Weiss, Khuc Nang Toan & Tran Thi Le Thu, Nguyen Thi Nha Trang and Nguyen Thi Kim Hoa & Dao Thi Thu Thuy
EducationAndHighest49.pdf.jpg1996Early identification of chronic offenders: Who is the fledgling psychopath?Lynam D.R.
EducationVietNam309.pdf.jpg2008Early learning and development standards in east Asia and the Pacific: Experiences from eight countriesMiyahara J.; Meyers C.
ClinicalPsychology09739.pdf.jpg2009Early Manifestations of Personality and Adult Health: A Life Course PerspectiveKubzansky L.D.; Martin L.T.; Buka S.L.
Children26.pdf.jpg2004Early motherhood and disruptive behaviour in the school-age childTrautmann-Villalba P.; Gerhold M.; Laucht M.; Schmidt M.H.