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TeacherEducation10637.pdf.jpg2010'Baby teachers': How pre-service early childhood students transform their conceptions of teaching and learning through an infant practicumRecchia S.L.; Shin M.
ClinicalPsychology10555.pdf.jpg2010Back to basics: The application of cognitive and behavior theory to forensic treatmentGalietta M.
TeacherEducation95.pdf.jpg2008Back to the future: Directions for research in teaching and teacher educationGrossman P.; McDonald M.
TeacherEducation11530.pdf.jpg2011Back to the music class: Stories and themes 30 years laterFlowers P.J.
ClinicalPsychology10420.pdf.jpg2010Backgrounds and characteristics of arsonistsLabree W.; Nijman H.; van Marle H.; Rassin E.
TeacherEducation101051.pdf.jpg2010Backing the right horse: Teacher education, sociocultural analysis and literacy in rural educationCorbett M.
TeacherEducation10262.pdf.jpg2010Balancing the workload equation in English primary schools: A continuing story?Galton M.; MacBeath J.
ClinicalPsychology10724.pdf.jpg2010Bandpass characteristics of high-frequency sensitivity and visual experience in blindsightSeifert D.; Falter C.; Strasburger H.; Elliott M.A.
ClinicalPsychology09361.pdf.jpg2009Banking on Fatherhood: Pilot studies of a computerized educational tool on sperm banking before cancer treatmentHuyghe E.; Martinetti P.; Sui D.; Schover L.R.
TeacherEducation09311.pdf.jpg2009Barriers to integrative education from the perspective of pre-service primary teachers of English [Las dificultades para la educación integradora desde la perspectiva de futuros maestros de inglés]Barrios Espinosa M.E.; Mata J.G.
TeacherEducation11929.pdf.jpg2011Barriers to parental involvement in education: An explanatory modelHornby G.; Lafaele R.
TeacherEducation09297.pdf.jpg2009Barriers to the use of technology in jordanian pre-school settingsIhmeideh F.M.
ClinicalPsychology10625.pdf.jpg2010Barriers to treatment and service utilization in an internet sample of individuals with obsessive-compulsive symptomsMarques L.; LeBlanc N.J.; Wegarden H.M.; Timpano K.R.; Jenike M.; Wilhelm S.
EducationVietNam143.pdf.jpg2008Barriers to, and factors associated, with observed motorcycle helmet use in VietnamHung D.V.; Stevenson M.R.; Ivers R.Q.
ClinicalPsychology11107.pdf.jpg2011Baseline functioning among individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder and alcohol dependenceDrapkin M.L.; Yusko D.; Yasinski C.; Oslin D.; Hembree E.A.; Foa E.B.
ClinicalPsychology09535.pdf.jpg2009Baseline neurocognitive profiles differentiate abstainers and non-abstainers in a cocaine clinical trialSchmitz J.M.; Mooney M.E.; Green C.E.; Lane S.D.; Steinberg J.L.; Swann A.C.; Moeller F.G.
ClinicalPsychology11503.pdf.jpg2011Basic life support: A call for reevaluation by nurse educatorsKrahn R.E.
EducationSciences7.pdf.jpg1997Basic sciences in problem-based learning and conventional curricula: Students' attitudesKaufman D.M.; Mann K.V.
2011Bài giảng Phương pháp Công Nghệ Dạy họcĐại học Giáo dục
2011Bài giảng Phương pháp dạy học SinhĐại học Giáo dục