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TeacherEducation11551.pdf.jpg2011A case for culturally relevant teaching in science education and lessons learned for teacher educationMensah F.M.
ClinicalPsychology11458.pdf.jpg2011A case of mass murder: Personality disorder, psychopathology and violence modeDeclercq F.; Audenaert K.
TeacherEducation11832.pdf.jpg2011A case study of a career in education that began with "Teach for America"Tellez K.
TeacherEducation11150.pdf.jpg2011A case study of beginning science teachers' subject matter (SMK) and pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) of teaching chemical reaction in TurkeyUsak M.; Ozden M.; Eilks I.
EducationSciences051137.pdf.jpg2011A case study of beginning science teachers' subject matter (SMK) and pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) of teaching chemical reaction in TurkeyUsak M.; Ozden M.; Eilks I.
TeacherEducation157.pdf.jpg1996A case study of change in elementary student teacher thinking during an independent investigation in science: Learning about the "face of science that does not yet know"Shapiro B.L.
TeacherEducation106.pdf.jpg2010A case study of chemistry major pre-service teacher's understanding about the properties of dilute solutions and perception on teacher education curriculumLee S.-Y.; Kim S.-H.; Paik S.-H.
TeacherEducation10222.pdf.jpg2010A case study of science teacher candidates' understandings and actions related to the culturally responsive teaching of 'Other' students [Fen öǧretmen adaylari{dotless}ni{dotless}n "diǧer" öǧrencilerin kültürel olarak duyarli{dotless} öǧretimine ilişkin anlamasi{dotless} ve filleri ile baǧlanti{dotless}li{dotless} bir vaka çali{dotless}şmasi{dotless}]Atwater M.M.; Freeman T.B.; Butler M.B.; Draper-Morris J.
TeacherEducation09534.pdf.jpg2009A case study of technical and vocational education in TurkeyCinar H.; Dongel N.; Sogutlu C.
TeacherEducation10942.pdf.jpg2010A case study of wikis and student-designed games in physical educationHastie P.A.; Casey A.; Tarter A.-M.
ClinicalPsychology1125.pdf.jpg2011A case study of young patients affected by Turner syndrome: Competency and psychopathologyGatta M.; Pertile R.; Battistella P.A.
ClinicalPsychology11226.pdf.jpg2011A change will do us good: Threats diminish typical preferences for male leadersBrown E.R.; Diekman A.B.; Schneider M.C.
TeacherEducation10863.pdf.jpg2010A characterisation of the Centre for Mathematics Education (Centro de Educação Matemática - CEM), 1984-1997, as a community of practice for the professional development of mathematics teachers [Uma caracterização do Centro de Educação Matemática - CEM (1984-1997) como uma Comunidade de prática de formação continuada de professores de matemática]Da Silva H.
TeacherEducation10480.pdf.jpg2010'A chart for further exploration and a kind of rallying call': James moffett and english curriculum history in victoriaBeavis C.
ClinicalPsychology10865.pdf.jpg2010A classification of risk factors in serious juvenile offenders and the relation between patterns of risk factors and recidivismMulder E.; Brand E.; Bullens R.; Van Marle H.
TeacherEducation11775.pdf.jpg2011A classroom observation-based evaluation of elementary teachers' use of technology in the classrooms in TurkeyBozkurt A.
ClinicalPsychology09631.pdf.jpg2009A clinical assessment tool for advanced theory of mind performance in 5 to 12 year oldsO'Hare A.E.; Bremner L.; Nash M.; Happe F.; Pettigrew L.M.
ClinicalPsychology10354.pdf.jpg2010A cluster randomized controlled trial to determine the efficacy of Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) in a military populationGreenberg N.; Langston V.; Everitt B.; Iversen A.; Fear N.T.; Jones N.; Wessely S.
ClinicalPsychology09540.pdf.jpg2009"A coat of many colors". Towards an integrative multilayered model of art therapyHuss E.
ClinicalPsychology0942.pdf.jpg2009A cognitive behavioural intervention for overweight and obese adolescents illustrated by four case studiesBrennan L.; Walkley J.; Lukeis S.; Risteska A.; Archer L.; Digre E.; Fraser S.; Greenway K.