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20112010 Bruno Klopfer Distinguished Contribution Award. Some considerations for enhancing psychological assessment.Greene R.L.
20112011 International Conference on Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training, ITHET 2011[No author name available]
20112012 Biennial Music Educators National Conference: With special focus on research in music education and music teacher education March 28-31, 2012 St. Louis, Missouri[No author name available]
20102020 foresight: Practicing ethically while doing things that don't yet existLinton J.C.
200921st century game design: A model and prototype for promoting scientific problem solvingVan Eck R.; Hung W.; Bowman F.; Love S.
201021st Century paradigms for pre-service teacher technology preparationLambert J.; Gong Y.
19963. Organizing Care for Patients with Chronic IllnessWagner E.H.; Austin B.T.; Von Korff M.
201150 years of literacy research and instruction: 1961-2011Morrison T.G.; Wilcox B.; Billen M.T.; Carr S.; Wilcox G.; Morrison D.; Wilcox R.T.
200760. The world-wide inaccessible web, part 1: BrowsingBaggaley J.; Batpurev B.
200761. The world-wide inaccessible web 2: Internet routesBaggaley J.; Batpurev B.; Klaas J.
2010A 'break with tradition' in interwar teacher educationWhitehead K.
2009A 'mutually agreed statement of learning' in general practice trainer appraisal: The place of peer appraisal by experienced course membersMain P.; Curtis A.; Pitts J.; Irish B.
1986A baseline evaluation of family support programsReis J.; Barbera-Stein L.; Herz E.; Orme J.; Bennett S.
1994A beginning teacher's search for meaning: Teacher socialization, organizational literacy, and empowermentKuzmic J.
2011A Bifactor Model of Negative Affectivity: Fear and Distress Components Among Younger and Older YouthEbesutani C.; Smith A.; Bernstein A.; Chorpita B.F.; Higa-McMillan C.; Nakamura B.
2011A bridge between seminar and university: The english department at Oranim college, 1971-2001Sela O.; Laron D.
2009A Brief Feedback Intervention for Diagnostic OvershadowingWood D.S.; Tracey T.J.G.
2010A call for a new geoscience education research agendaLewis E.B.; Baker D.R.
2009A canadian perspective on language teacher education: Challenges and opportunitiesSalvatori M.
2009A career in teaching: Decisions of the heart rather than the headO'Sullivan M.; MacPhail A.; Tannehill D.