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2Danh mục Khóa luận tốt nghiệp ngành Sư phạm Sinh, Khóa- QH-2007(2007-2011).SV Lê Thị Quỳnh HàĐại học Giáo dục
2Thục hành đặt câu hỏi2Đại học Giáo dục
2Xây dựng qui trình phát triển kĩ năng nghề nghiệp cho giáo viên THPT chuyên tiếp cận chuẩn quốc tế.Trường Đại học Giáo dục
2giáo trìnhĐại học Giáo dục
EducationVietNam367.pdf.jpg1964A comparison of abstract thought processes among three culturesTheiner E.C.; Giffen M.B.
EducationVietNam366.pdf.jpg1971Education and science in North VietnamGalston A.W.; Signer E.
Clinical135.pdf.jpg1971Problem solving and behavior modificationD'Zurilla T.J.; Goldfried M.R.
EducationVietNam365.pdf.jpg1973Studies in family planning. 9. Vietnam (South).Truong-Minh-Cac
Children76.pdf.jpg1973Psychological problems of abortion for the unwed teenage girlMartin C.D.
Children77.pdf.jpg1973Teenage obesityHeald F.P.; Khan M.A.
Children79.pdf.jpg1973The rheumatic diseases in adolescenceKornreich H.; Koster K.; Hanson V.
Children78.pdf.jpg1973Reminiscences of runaway adolescentsHowell M.C.; Emmons E.B.; Frank D.A.
EducationAndHighest89.pdf.jpg1973Testing for competence rather than for "intelligence".McClelland D.C.
EducationVietNam364.pdf.jpg1974East Asia review, 1973. 10. Vietnam (South)Truong Minh Cac; Ngo Yen Tuan Phong
EducationVietNam363.pdf.jpg1974East Asia review, 1973: To sum upKeeny S.M.
EducationVietNam362.pdf.jpg1974Social policy and population growth in South East AsiaYou Poh Seng; Rao B.; Shantakumar G.
EducationVietNam164.pdf.jpg1974The prognosis for addicted Vietnam returnees: a comparison with civilian addictsNace E.P.; Meyers A.L.
EducationVietNam77.pdf.jpg1974Dove-hawk placements in the 1968 election: Application of social judgment and balance theoriesGranberg D.; Brent E.E.
Children75.pdf.jpg1974Management of the teenager with retardation of physical growth or sexual maturationBailey J.D.
EducationVietNam189.pdf.jpg1975We and they: Pronouns as measures of political identification and estrangementCramer M.R.; Schuman H.